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What is the most painful part of using TypeScript in general?

Handling a value from JavaScript.


The reason of having hard times with values coming from an input sources (like an html form) is that you don’t have the exact data type beforehand. I mean, you can’t write functions using the input value which could benefit from TypeScript type system because an input value can be anything at that point, another function, a number, a string, an object, or whatever else. That’s why many programmers try to avoid types using the type called “any” in this case. …

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The Composition API is a great way to share application logic between components in Vue.js. Not only can you organize repetitive snippets of code into separate files, you can also make them easily reusable.

The Composition API allows you to keep your variables reactive in shared snippets of code, which can be a huge improvement over implementations built in previous versions of Vue, even for enterprise-sized applications. According to official documentation, the deployment of the Composition API was necessary because efficient code sharing between components was a problem in larger applications.

Although there has been a solution to highlight common…

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Udemy accepted ‘Your custom React component’ video course 618 days ago which is my very first video course. It’s a one hour, free tutorial talking about component creation with the React.js JavaScript library. It took about 6 months to create the course while I learnt some important lessons about myself I want to share with you in this article. I belive you can gain from my experience if you want to be an instructor.

What were my biggest challenges while I was making the course

  • choosing the right style
  • explain exactly how something works
  • video and sound editing in general
  • making the right scripts
  • English speaking (English is not my native…

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I have worked in several different developer teams in the last eight years. All teams had both higher educated and lower educated members. I’m quite sure that you know what I’m talking about. I’ve noticed the following phenomenon: one of the most important kick-off task should be defining the coding style every time we start a new project.

What is a coding style

Usually we have more than one alternates of writing some code snippet, especially in the script languages. I think we all have our favorites for a validator function, a controller or a DAO, or any other common parts. As an experienced engineer…

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In the last couple of years I used ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) in my Node.js projects a lot. Every time when I had to work with any relational databases I just grapped SequelizeORM to make my life easier. Unfortunately, even though Sequelize has TypeScript support according to its documentation, my experience wasn’t good at all with that. If you ask me, Sequelize is a great option in Node.js if you don’t use TypeScript, but I had to find a better option for my TypeScripted projects. Two day ago I read this library’s name somewhere: TypeORM.

I wish I had a library…

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If you use Test Driven Development for your Node.js project uses Express library, you need to write unit tests among other things. As I experienced, testing code parts which use third party libraries are usually difficult for less experienced developers. The key aspect of effective unit testing is define boundaries of the business logic to be tested.

Test the business logic, and nothing else

When I write unit tests including any structural items of the Express library, it produces me I have to avoid testing the library itself. It’s not my job. Rather than only my business logic needs to be tested. As for the middleware, it’s…


Send and receive ICMP echo request packages and get responses

result: IP addresses belongs to domain, maximum frame size on the network


Find and list (size given in MB not in KB) files larger than 10 MB in /home directory:

MySQL has the latin1_swedish_ci as default charset but I need to set utf-8.

Append the following lines to the end of my.ini:


Now you have to restart the MySQL server to apply changes.

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